Australia 2024: Melbs

Against all odds, we spent Christmas 2023 in Australia. Thanks to an embarrassment of air-miles and generous parents I knocked off work and got on a plane December 20th.

First photo, of course, is of my bags getting loaded. Always handy in case you lose one. We did, on arrival, but it turns out I just didn’t recognize it when it was upside-down on the carrousel. It wasn’t this one.

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Barcelona in Black and White, Again

So I finally got around to processing the last roll of film from the Barcelona trip and I must say I was pleased. This is a roll of Kentmere 100 PAN and I like the grainy, dreamy effect it gives.

Barcelona Gothic Quarter

So here we are in Barcelona’s Gothic district. It’s a region of ancient buildings, narrow lanes, heavy tourism and cheap smack.

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Bangkok from Above

Sachie and I recently spent a long weekend in Phuket. I got a window seat at the back of the plane and, being a daytime flight, a pretty good view.

We had stayed at Miss Sachie’s resort, Marriott Mai Khao Beach Club, and had a lovely time. You can’t quite see it in the photo below but you can see Marriott Phuket Beach Club if you know where to look.

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Dan Went down to Georgia: Day II

Day two and we are checking out of the hotel and in the car to Telavi. A quick word about getting around in Georgia: Bolt. There’s taxis and busses and trains and so on, even a subway, but Bolt is cheap and good. We took one from Tbilisi to Telavi, a two-hour drive, for 133 Lari (or “Larrys” as I called them) or about 50 bucks. I guess there’s a bus that’s cheaper but we’re only around for a week so no time to lose and the ride was spectacular.

I’m afraid you can’t see the sign very well but it was raining and the car was going fast but that’s the sign for George Bush Boulevard. He was a popular chap in Georgia at one time, helping them get a bit closer to NATO membership or something. Didn’t do them much good when Russia invaded though.

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