Australia 2023: Last Days

Here is the final entry to the Australia 2023 trilogy, in which shopping is performed, signs are seen and oysters are eaten.

It’s December 31, 2023. Goodbye 2023, you bastard! Hopefully your brethren will be better. Sachie flies out tomorrow and I go on the second.

That’s Victoria Market. It’s a big tourist draw for its excellent produce but we came to buy tourist tat for the folks back in Siam The Kingdom Thailand. Sachie came along because she heard you can buy a dozen oysters cheap and eat them right in front of the stall-keeper all the while maintaining eye-contact with him. Likes her oysters, she does.

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Dan went down to Georgia: Part III

About two years late but better than never, here is the final chapter of our Georgia triptych. You’ll have to go back a few posts to find parts one and two but I’ll add a callout or something later.

After a big yesterday of driving all over Georgia it was time to head back to Tbilisi and that means another Bolt! trip. We wanted to get a little before leaving so Sachie wanted to go back to the market where there were some exchange booths. But first, breakfast.

That’s at the fancy cafĂ© around the corner, the serve beer at 10am, if you ask them to. Miss Sachie did so.

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