Australia 2024: Point Lonsdale and Points Beyond

Yep, you are right. That’s me at the Marconi memorial at Point Lonsdale. No mistaking it. I’m at the very spot where, on the 12th of July, 1906, the first wireless overseas (to Tasmania) messages were sent by staff of the Marconi company. Point Lonsdale may be a posh neighbourhood but this is a public monument. You don’t even need to pay.

Here is Child 1 looking pensive by the sea.

Well it’s not great to lie to your children but it is fun once in a while.

Less pensive. She’ll be voting age this year but can still enjoy the swing.

If there is one thing I have learnt after reproducing is that slides are not for sliding down. Any child, once it reaches full-mobility will not tolerate going down a slide the expected, obvious and fun way. I recall this from my own youth. Of course, the slides were deathtraps back then.

But back home to more civilized, adult recreations. Here’s mum necking a Cosmo.

And here is (now) Mrs Sachie at the table. That means it is Christmas Eve and she’s already knocked off a bottle of sparkling.

Time to decorate the tree and here is my firstborn planting the angel. That’s a real Christmas tree and will last you until August.

Christmas Morning and Daz and I have given each other the same book. It was bound to happen, sooner or later and I wouldn’t wish it be any other author.

The Christmas Ham. No fingers! Naughty! That’s what the scissors are for.

But we don’t use scissors to cut the ham. Mum uses a knife like the Queen does at Christmas. I don’t know what happened to her electric knife but I sure do miss it.

It’s Boxing Day already and we are at a coastal winery enjoying seafood and more sparkling wine.

Child #2 collecting tics.

I had an Aerobie about 20 years ago and deeply regret its theft, so I bought Child #2 one for Christmas and it proved to be an excellent gift.

Barbeque time again and I think this photo nicely features mum’s outdoor dining area. Even though it was summer in Australia the weather was cold, windy and wet. Most disappointing, but the rest of the nation had heatwaves, floods and cyclones so I guess one cannot complain too much. Japan had a serious earthquake on New Year’s Day.

Hey! We are back in Melbourne. At the Marriott no less. A fine monument to post-millennial styling but in bad need of an update. Stay tuned for Melbs, part II.

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