Australia in B&W

I have already posted a series of articles about the 2023/2024 trip to Australia (Australia 2024: Melbs, Australia 2024: Point Lonsdale and Points Beyond and Australia 2024: Zoo & Art) and they probably give lots more context but frequent visitors will know that I am partial to film photography with classic Minolta manual SLRs. I shot a couple of rolls of Kenmare PAN1oo while I was there, so let’s have a look.

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Australia 2024: Melbs

Against all odds, we spent Christmas 2023 in Australia. Thanks to an embarrassment of air-miles and generous parents I knocked off work and got on a plane December 20th.

First photo, of course, is of my bags getting loaded. Always handy in case you lose one. We did, on arrival, but it turns out I just didn’t recognize it when it was upside-down on the carrousel. It wasn’t this one.

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