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I have already posted a series of articles about the 2023/2024 trip to Australia (Australia 2024: Melbs, Australia 2024: Point Lonsdale and Points Beyond and Australia 2024: Zoo & Art) and they probably give lots more context but frequent visitors will know that I am partial to film photography with classic Minolta manual SLRs. I shot a couple of rolls of Kenmare PAN1oo while I was there, so let’s have a look.

There’s the boy in what’s probably the best shot of the roll, in Point Lonsdale.

Let’s start things easy with some shots from Melbourne. I don’t recognize this sexy building because I haven’t been to the CBD since… last year?

I have already ruined the order, this was the first shot off the roll, the art gallery in Melbourne.

Here we are in Point Lonsdale with Mum, she’s looking for a nice place to have a lie down.

“What?” “Nothing, Mum.”

Here’s my lady in Point Lonsdale. Christmas in Australia is in summer and is supposed to be pretty hot. We got wind, rain, cold, the works.

Even fog, at two in the afternoon. I know we are costal but ‘fog’ and ‘Australia’ do not often coincide. Even less in ‘summer’.

The fog didn’t stop the surfers and other folk of the beach. I got even got sunburnt.

A few days later Dad took us for lunch to a winery that has a sculpture park. Actually a pretty extensive one. It’s at Point Leo and it’s pretty posh.

This is their newest addition, it’s a pumpkin from Japan.

This is the best one, from a photography student’s wet-dream. B&W film, manual camera, red filter.

Even better from this side.

Why, yes. They do look like money-bars don’t they?

This one’s a favourite around Melbourne and I’ve admired the artist’s work many times.

There’s a big one of these in Melbourne city somewhere that I recall from childhood. I didn’t know they made them backyard-sized.

Inspired art or metalwork student project? Both?

The big head is a big crowd-pleaser. There are, like, chrome crystals coming out of it which are not bad but just a big head on the ground would be good enough. Gilding the lily? I wonder what this would look like on a roundabout, spooking the tourists and getting crashed into by drunk teenagers at 2am on Saturday?

Mrs Sachie is going to show us, she’s even getting a runup.

Time to head off but Dad has forgotten where we parked.

Melbourne is known for its cool ally scene and there is some very cool stuff around if you know where to look. But I don’t know where to look.

Here we are at the Melbourne Zoo but the orangutang is tired of looking at the kids they keep in this enclosure.

It’s Mrs Sachie’s last day in town so off to the Vic Market to get some tourist-tat gifts for friends in Bangkok.

Melbourne Central is built around the Shot Tower. Not all shopping centres need to be soulless shitholes. They do seem to prefer it that way, though. I have a shot like this as my phone lockscreen so I really wanted to get one on film but they’ve put these three-story tall rabbits around the place.

State library, awesome.

Under the State Library dome, one of the reading rooms. It’s a very cool place to visit. I hadn’t been here since I was a kid.

We aimed for the botanic gardens but this is the Shrine of Remembrance. We didn’t go in though because Sachie is Japanese and, you know, awkward.

That’s it for the B&W film for 2023. There’s lots more but they’re all duds so I’m not going to show you.

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