Australia 2024: Melbs

Against all odds, we spent Christmas 2023 in Australia. Thanks to an embarrassment of air-miles and generous parents I knocked off work and got on a plane December 20th.

First photo, of course, is of my bags getting loaded. Always handy in case you lose one. We did, on arrival, but it turns out I just didn’t recognize it when it was upside-down on the carrousel. It wasn’t this one.

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Barcelona in Black and White, Again

So I finally got around to processing the last roll of film from the Barcelona trip and I must say I was pleased. This is a roll of Kentmere 100 PAN and I like the grainy, dreamy effect it gives.

Barcelona Gothic Quarter

So here we are in Barcelona’s Gothic district. It’s a region of ancient buildings, narrow lanes, heavy tourism and cheap smack.

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FARANG Magazine July 2005

There is a theory in magazine sales that says that people buy them more if there is an attractive woman on the cover. So you could be publishing a model train magazine, a botany newsletter or a car-trader’s quarterly but you’d better put a lady with big boobs in a swimsuit on the cover or you’re not going to shift them and your distributor will want to kill you.

FARANG Magazine Master Post

Not many people know this but I once rose to become Managing Editor of FARANG Untamed Travel Magazine and steered that noble ship right onto the rocks of bankruptcy in 2007, helped along by founders Cameron Cooper and Jim Algie.

In many ways those years were the best of my life and I will write some recollections someday but for now, as Head Archivist, I want to present some PDFs of the mag as it was more than 15 years ago.

On this post you’ll find an index to FARANG-related works organised in a pleasing and easy to access manner. Sorry there’s a bunch missing and some of the PDF renders aren’t tip-top but we were not very good at keeping digital copies organised back then. I’ll try to fill in the blanks so check back if you’re missing something.