MOSS/SharePoint Upload fails with file error 0x80070021

More upload nonsense!  Now we can upload large files, and all is well until a user turns up trying to upload a 173MB video file off a DVD-R.  It keeps failing and I assume it’s the DVD but it copies to my machine OK, but fails to upload to the document library.

OK, I open up the library in explorer view and drag and drop.  That gives a file locking error with the code 0x80070021.  Goggling didn’t do much good as this error apparently pops up most frequently with Outlook *.pst files.
Luckily my colleague is a SharePoint veteran and I asked him if he’d seen this error before.  Within a few minutes he’d concluded that the database was full.  As it turned out, truncating the log file did the trick.
Here’s the script to do that:
BACKUP LOG wss_content_go_snap_undp_org WITH TRUNCATE_ONLY

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