MOSS/SharePoint Upload fails with file error 0x80070021

More upload nonsense!  Now we can upload large files, and all is well until a user turns up trying to upload a 173MB video file off a DVD-R.  It keeps failing and I assume it’s the DVD but it copies to my machine OK, but fails to upload to the document library.

OK, I open up the library in explorer view and drag and drop.  That gives a file locking error with the code 0x80070021.  Goggling didn’t do much good as this error apparently pops up most frequently with Outlook *.pst files.
Luckily my colleague is a SharePoint veteran and I asked him if he’d seen this error before.  Within a few minutes he’d concluded that the database was full.  As it turned out, truncating the log file did the trick.
Here’s the script to do that:
BACKUP LOG wss_content_go_snap_undp_org WITH TRUNCATE_ONLY

Fixing SharePoint/MOSS uploads

Sometimes our users want to upload video to document libraries, which is understandable as there’s no fileshare for them to use. The trouble has been in the past that the upload limit is set to 50MB. This being the 21st century I thought I’d make life a little more rational and change it to 200MB or so. So! Into Central Admin, find the max upload and we’re away.

Except, of course, we’re not because it didn’t work.

Consulting the Google oracle I found this:

Which lead me to:

Now, with all the changes made to web.config, and I’m still getting an error saying the file is larger than allowed. Uh oh. Back to Central Admin, back to the setting, which is under Application Management->Web Application General Settings. Turns out I had the wrong web application selected.

Oh well. Stupid errors caused by stupid oversights again.